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March 2021

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Is your business ready to go online?

We all have seen how this pandemic has affected the way of business all around the world. In restricted movement around the world, more and more consumers moved to online shopping. This led to a surge in e-commerce enabled websites.

Shops and businesses all around tried to find a way to match this new trend and change in client behavior. Establishments like grocery shops, electronics, furniture, clothing started looking for an option to make themselves available to online buyers.

So, what is needed to take your business online?

  • A Domain name which is your online identity like a physical address of any shop. Registering your .BIZ Domain name is always a better option to show your online identity as a serious business place. This article will help you to understand more on What is Domain Name
  • Connect with a website developer who can help you to convert your imagination to reality
  • Take hosting space for your website. It can either be a shared hosting or a Cloud server depending on your website development
  • Consider doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website so it lists your website when someone search on internet for product/service related to your website
  • Connect your website with Social Medias and start doing organic promotion on it

You are almost done making your business available for online consumers. You can also consider using readymade or DIY website builder and e-commerce platform to enable your business ready for online transactions.