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Kickstart the domain reseller business

We live in an era where minute things are done online. Presently, demand for web services has increased rapidly. Almost every businessman, entrepreneur, tradesman wants to take their business online. 

Not only businesses but different government organisations have their online presence. Every website needs a domain name. So, whether you provide hosting services, a website builder, e-commerce platform, IT services, or any combination of the above, offering domain names alongside your core product is a smart move. Making it easy for your clients to register domain names can simplify the user experience, increase customer stickiness, and give you a competitive edge. In this scenario it’s a terrific idea to become a domain reseller. Domain reselling is a no sweat job to make profitable money online and is one of the right paths to earn a steady income.

Who is a domain reseller?

Just like every other reseller, domain resellers register domain names on behalf of their clients who want a website but find it difficult to get a desirable domain name of their choice. Such clients often approach web design companies or domain registration resellers who search for various alternative domain names and acquire a domain name of choice for their client. Domain registration resellers often get a discount from the domain registrar. Some resellers sell domains as a stand-alone product, charging their customers slightly more than what they themselves paid. Some resellers bundle up the charges into their other services. At the end, customers benefit by having their needs met with a simple user experience. For most of our resellers, however, the real value that domain names bring is that they often complete a service offering or website building experience. Beyond earning a potential margin on each domain name sale, you realize the long-term benefits of increased customer stickiness.

Kickstart your domain reselling business

To become a domain name reseller, you can approach ICANN, it has guidelines for accredited agencies and requires you to have a specific level of assets. When you become an accredited provider, you get a lower cost on domain name registrations. But along with lower cost, you get other responsibilities like compliance, fund management in different registries, etc. Instead, you can tie up with an ICANN accredited domain registrar like QualiSpace, ConnectReseller and many more who offer domain name reseller packages. You will need to register for a domain reseller account with a web hosting company so that you can host the domain names you resell.

Things to Consider: 

  • Identify your potential customers and niche market to target.
  • Understand the technical skills required to run a business.
  • Your budget to start reselling domains and to run a business.
  • Size of the business and estimate predicted traffic.
  • Branding, branding, branding!!!

Define your Business Goals and Requirements

Not only domain reselling business but to start any business, you need to first of all know your vision and mission. In layman’s terms, set your business goals. Like every serious business, domain name reselling business calls for sound business practice, marketing, hard work and patience. Registering and reselling domain names calls for investment in buying domain names. The market is overflowing, more and more domain name resellers are entering the market every day. Becoming a domain name reseller is not a business for anyone and everyone.

When you give precise and standardized data about your business and about the resources you require to work and prioritise your needs and requirements, you will be able to choose the appropriate reseller domain and hosting plan. ConnectReseller provides the best and affordable plans. Check out now!

Become an established domain reseller

Regardless of the information you have, a business can be run successfully. You simply need to deliberately choose the best hosting supplier and the best arrangement for your business. Websites typically specialize in specific areas, such as easy-to-use website tools, marketing tools, or scalability. Choose a host whose goals are the same as your own. Also, keep in mind that even if you do not have enough knowledge of email details or big clouds, displaying a popular branding force to build impressions by your customers can go a long way.

Things to consider before getting the best hosting plans : 

  • Whether they are white-label.
  • Do they provide 24/7 support?
  • Are they providing the relevant TLDs?
  • Are they providing with a proper control panel
  • Check the Domain pricing
  • What are the value added services

Promote your business

Last but not least, promote!!! Marketing your business is one of the most important steps in finding customers. Once you have a website ready, add relevant information to it so that it can be found on search engines. Try to take the help of SEO keywords to help your indexing and search engine rankings. Advertise this, set up your advertising society, and invest in advertising. Advertising and being visible on the internet is the only and relevant means to reach the targeted customers. After getting enough customers, focus on offering them a world class service so that you do not lose them. Do not forget that mouth to mouth promotion is the best means to get customers. Keep your customers happy and they will help you get what you want. Once you have enough established customers you can also start sending emails and focus on competitive email marketing, building a blog, how-to-videos, and more.

The advantages of becoming a domain reseller

You cannot just sit, doing nothing and wish to earn money. Just like every other job, domain reselling business also needs hard work and patience. Of Course no job is easy. Money does not just come walking to you. The only difference here is, you can just sit at home and work according to your ease and feasibility.

  • It is a no sweat job.
  • One of the sources of steady income.
  • You can get domains at affordable prices.
  • A domain reseller has no lesser impact on the customers than that of a registrar.

If you are thinking about starting a domain reselling business, fortunately there are enough other portals that will provide you with extra information that you need. But, ConnectReseller provides you with the utmost knowledge that you need. As a business, domain reselling is not difficult to start, and all you need to do is find a reliable and renowned domain registrar. Don’t wait any longer and kick-start your domain reselling adventure. Shine bright!!!