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How can bloggers use the .ONLINE domain name to promote and grow their audience?

.ONLINE is a new generic top-level domain name which has gone popular ever since it was launched. Experts in the industry are saying that the .ONLINE TLD has the same potential as .COM.

If we check the New gTLD Overview by nTLDStats, .ONLINE ranks 5th position with 1,465,803 domain registrations. 


So, what makes .ONLINE domain name special? 


Benefits of .ONLINE top-level domain

  • Brand Presence –  .ONLINE has the potential of enhancing your brand image.
  • Higher Availability Unlike .COM, .ONLINE domain names are still available. So, you are more likely to find the domain name of your choice. 
  • Targeted – .ONLINE domain is targeted or specifically designed for anything associated with the internet. 
  • Global Appeal The world ‘Online’ is used and understood by people all around the world. 
  • Keyword-rich‘Online’ is the prime keyword that adds an extra edge to your website for its search engine optimization. 
  • EasyIt is easy-to-spell, comprehensive and simple-to-remember. 


Use .ONLINE for your blog/business!

Following are some niches that can tap into the power of dot online:

  1. Food, Beverages, and Recipes 

With the advancement and higher availability of the internet, almost everything is available online.  How can food be an exception? Apart from being a basic necessity, food has also become a Lifestyle. 

The food industry is huge. Restaurants, takeaways, ready-to-cook packaged food, have been in the food market since long. However, in the last couple of years, the digital food industry has boomed big time. 

You can order the food online from food delivery apps. Many chefs and house makers have started using media sharing platforms like YouTube, IGTV, and Facebook, to promote their special recipes. 

Nowadays, people have also started embracing specialised diets such as Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Low-Carb, Dukan, etc. These diets help us reduce the impact of lifestyle diseases. 

The foodies in the market go places to taste the exquisite and unexplored cuisines. Through channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. They post their reviews and feedback about the restaurants. This is called Food Blogging.

In all the above scenarios, social media acts as the chief marketing platform. However, a website is the epicentre of any business. 

Food, the otherwise offline industry is now getting to the online world. So, what could be better than .ONLINE?

  1. Portfolios

Ever since the digitisation of services has begun, many companies have started preferring freelancers and remote help over full-time employees. If you are a copywriter, graphic designer, web developer or anyone who provides the services on a freelance basis, you will need a Portfolio. This portfolio will help you showcase all your wonderful work at a place and create lasting impressions on your prospects.

Register your .ONLINE portfolio now! 

  1. Digital Marketing

With everything “going online” the competition in the “market” is fierce. To drive more and more traffic to your website and to get that traffic converted, digital marketing plays a significant role. 

Many digital marketers, public-relation analysts, content marketers, have started off selling their services online. The experts teach classes offline as well as online to create proficient marketers. 

.ONLINE is the perfect TLD for anyone associated with the industry: 

  1. Digital marketers 
  2. PR agencies 
  3. Digital marketing agencies 
  4. Tutors, etc. 
  1. Stock photographers and images

Gone are the days when people used to insert the roles in the cameras. With the availability of the digital cameras, the dream of photography is becoming real  for many fanatics.  

You might have seen websites like shutterstock or pixabay. Imagine yourself hosting one such website! Whether professional or beginner, any photography enthusiast can create a website to post the stock photographs.

Images do not just mean stock photography. 

If you love reading memes or enjoy good humorous GIFs, you can create them yourself. In the world of social media gifs and memes have received huge popularity especially among youth. And, does sound good!  

  1. Travel and hospitality 

Travel blogging is perhaps the most popular form of blogging. The bloggers travel around the world and present their experiences through a blog. It is more like a diary or a travel journal. The medium can be a video, a podcast, images, or a simple textual blog.

Through these blogs, people get to know the best attractions in the place they want to visit. insights about where to stay, what should be the budget, etc. 

If you are a travel blogger or if you love travelling around the world exploring new places and presenting about them to the world, start your blog today. Help other people find the best travel destination .ONLINE! 

  1. Education, training, careers and reviewers

With the globalisation, the number of students migrating for higher education has increased. Many people are travelling abroad for better career opportunities. Students who have already gone abroad can start a blog or even an .ONLINE consultancy to mentor prospective students. Career counsellors can also write or podcast the insights about the colleges, entrance exam preparation, admission processes, student loans, student visa processes, etc.

  1. Fashion and beauty 

This is the industry that the whole world looks up to. This is the industry of trendsetters! Clothing, jewellery, accessories, footwear, fragrances, and cosmetics together make up the fashion industry. 

The fashion experts, stylish, hair artists, beauticians, designers, can blog about their experiences in the industry. Fashion photographers can also start their .ONLINE portfolio, business or website to promote their skills.   

  1. Relationships, Psychology and Lifestyle

Many psychology experts write about human resources mindset, child psychology, patients persona etc. This is similar to online counselling. 

Many counsellors have also started their mobile apps. People who can not share their feelings directly can talk to them virtually through the app’s interface. 

Through a lifestyle blog, the writer reciprocates on their everyday life and shares their wisdom. They also write about how people can improve their lifestyle by inculcating new habits.  This is a blog dedicated to embracing a quality lifestyle and creating positive relationships.

  1. Fitness and healthcare

Modern technology has induced comfort and consequently many Lifestyle diseases. Consistent intake of junk food has become a normal routine of faceting the appetite.

Fitness and Healthcare blogging is all about tackling these issues. Dietitians, fitness trainers, yoga

practitioners, spiritual gurus have started writing about it proactively. Many fitness experts have started rendering their consultancy services online. They guide their students through video calling.

Many mobile applications are available in the app stores that help you monitor your fitness by tracking your footsteps, heart rate, sleep, etc. Mobile apps are also being developed to guard your food intake. 

The fitness and health care industry is also making its way to the .ONLINE world! So, if you are a fitness expert you can tap into this opportunity. 

  1. Sports

Sports blogs share information, reviews, critical analysis, and news -related to the sports events happening in the world. There are many forums online where followers get to discuss the latest happenings and express their opinions on it. 

Sports accessories manufacturing companies have started selling the products uniform, jerseys, equipment, etc. online. 

So, if you are in this industry, this is perhaps the best time to get your business .ONLINE!

  1. Gaming

Did you know that gaming is a huge industry in itself. For example, DOTA2 is not just a video game; it’s a billion-dollar industry! Several gaming platforms let you win money by playing. 

So, if you are a rabid gamer, you can launch a blog for sharing gaming tips, reviews, codes, how-tos etc. Game developers and animators can also create their online portfolio website such as  


So, .ONLINE domain extension adds value to your brand image. Register yours today!