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There is a fine line of difference between URL, domain names, and IP Addresses. For a non-techy, it might also sound a little tricky.

So, let us go step-by-step:

What is a Domain Name?

The domain name is the name of an internet resource such as Web pages and documents. Examples:,

This is the address of your website. No resource on the internet can be accessed without a valid domain name. 

What is the URL?

Full form: Uniform Resource Locator 

The domain name is a part of a URL. Multiple resources exist under a domain name. But, every resource can be accessed only with its unique URL. For example, on our website, multiple resources exist, such as Domain Prices, Integration Options, etc. But, you cannot access them by typing only ‘’ in the browser search box. 

You will have to navigate to/type: 


So, URL has different parts. Let us study them by taking an example: 

What is the relation between the Domain Name and IP?

Now that we have understood the difference between the URL, and the domain name, let’s discuss their relation with IP. 

To explain IP in simple words,

The courier company knows where to send a letter from the address mentioned in it. The address will always be unique for a house. 

Similarly, ‘the internet’ knows where to send the Emails, WhatsApp messages, etc. from the IP address. 

Humans understand Domain Names; Machines understand IP.

Beneath what we call the Internet, lies a mainstay called Domain Name System a.k.a. DNS. 

Every device (cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.) on the internet has a unique IP address. So does every domain. 

For example, if you enter in your browser search box, you will reach

Okay, what just happened? 

When you enter on your browser search box, the domain name is first converted to 

In the digital world, data is stored in the form of bits. It is easier to store a 32 bit consistent IP in bits form rather than storing the textual inconsistent domain names. 

Also, what is easier to remember: or

Of course, 

This is the whole reason why Domain Names are translated into IP addresses. 

For any website: 

In addition to this, domain names are even easier and convenient than IP addresses because they can reflect your brand name.

The functions of the domain name and the IP address are the same. The only difference between the two is that one serves humans, and the other serves the bots. But, one does need another to function properly.