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It is an innovative business trend that you should start thinking about. The reselling business is a great option for all the first-time entrepreneurs and also for the experienced businesses looking to expand their horizons.

The reseller is the one who buys a product from the manufacturer and sells it to the end user either online or through traditional offline direct channels. This way of doing business takes advantage of the reseller dropship business model as you are the middlemen between manufacturers and users. A reseller has full right in his own territory in reselling the products at the amount they wish for. With the increasing number of online businesses, it is the most profitable job to become a domain reseller. You can either make the reselling business a mainstream income or you can also choose reselling as a side business. In any situation, hard work is inevitable. If you want to be either a successful reseller or even successful in any part of life, effort and consistency is mandatory.


As mentioned earlier, reselling is a no sweat job. Starting a reselling business can be easier and cheaper than you think. Below mentioned are some benefits of becoming a reseller:

● Cost-Saving

Unlike a distributor that requires a high margin, becoming a reseller enables you to set your price. You can choose the product suitable for your business, buy it at a fair price then sell it at your own cost to ensure your profitability.

● Time-Saving

As a reseller, you can start your business right away without waiting for any products to arrive. As soon as you add reselling products and content on your site, you can begin marketing your business. To be a registered reseller, it is mandatory that you have domains registered as per your end clients demand. Moreover, it doesn’t ask for time commitment since most of the processes are automated.

● No Stock or Inventory

As stated above, the best thing about being a reseller is that no carry of stock is required, which means no inventory cost and high revenue. You only pay for products customer orders from your website. It reduces financial risk and is a perfect tool for budget-conscious or start-up enterprises.

● No-Loss Business

When you become a reseller, you literally have a minimal loss. When you register domains, with the registrar, they offer you with the best and affordable prices. If you cannot sell a particular domain, it will be completely your choice whether or not to renew the domain.

Appealing, right?

It is a dream for more than half of the population to have their own business. The only issue they face is the money constraint. But becoming a domain reseller is the best option. There is a minimal investment of money and a profit there after.

.CO can be one such TLD to start reselling with. It’s an internet country code top level domain assigned to Colombia. Country Code Top Level Domains are the extensions, specifically designated to the respective country. These TLDs generally indicate the region or the language of the website’s content. Every domain has two characters from the latin alphabets and these are categorised as ccTLD. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) regulates the allocation of all ccTLDs.

.CO domain is an open ccTLD and can be registered by anyone regardless of the country they reside in. .CO gives brands the chance to create a worldwide footprint. There are a lot of domains specialized for a specific region, but .CO is an all-star player, when it comes to versatility and memorability. Start your Reselling business with .CO!

Start your reselling journey and join the world’s leading domain name registrar, having a portfolio of 400+ domains with presence in 114+ countries. Get in touch with us to learn more about the lucrative option and how it can benefit your business!