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Reshape the future of fashion couture with an easy-to-remember domain name extension. The .CFD domain is where fashion houses, independent designers, clothing brands, and apparel manufacturers usher in a prosperous new future of clothing and fashion design. It is the extension tailored for the young fashion enthusiasts and new-age clothing brands that wish to develop their talent, and convert it into a formidable brand worldwide.

Who can use .CFD?

  • Startups
  • Bloggers & Vloggers
    Bloggers & Vloggers
  • Modeling Portfolios
    Modeling Portfolios
  • Fashion Influencers
    Fashion Influencers
  • Cosmetic Companies]
    Cosmetic Companies
  • Styling Boutiques
    Styling Boutiques
  • Footwear Brands
    Footwear Brands
  • Clothing
    Clothing Designers
  • Educational Institutions
    Educational Institutions
  • Apparel Manufacturers
    Apparel Manufacturers
  • Independent Designers
    Independent Designers
  • Fashion or Clothing Outlets
    Fashion or Clothing Outlets

What makes .CFD unique?

Professional and Credible Domain

An abbreviation for ‘Clothing & Fashion Design,’ makes it suitable for fashion houses, professional designers, and clothing brands.

High availability of Domain names

Offers greater level of power, expandability and is future proof for fashion professionals, new-age clothing brands, and vogue events.

Relevant for Fashion Industry

A business name with .CFD domain will establish the website as an early adopter enhancing the brand in this ever-growing industry.

Easy-to-remember and Short

.CFD is a three-letter easy to remember domain name extension that makes for a brandable choice as it is short and direct.

Frequently Asked Questions

.CFD was launched in the Year 2021 by Shortdot SA.
There are no restrictions in registering a .CFD domain, and yes privacy is allowed.
IDN, IPv6, and DNSSEC are supported.
It supports Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Danish, French , German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Latin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai languages.
Renewal Grace Period is of 40 days, whereas the Restore period is of 30 days.